The Correlation Between Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

This thesis is entitled “The Correlation Between Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension”. In this study the writer observed the teaching learning process of the correlation between vocabulary and reading comprehension at SMA 4 Lampineung. Vocabulary which is very important for student because it is considered a basic element in language. The objectives of this research are to identify correlation between students’ mastery in vocabulary and reading comprehension, to identify students’ ability in vocablulary test and also to know if students get difficulty in mastering reading test. The method used was co relational studies to find out relationships between variables. The sample of the research is 62 students based on porposive sampling. The instruments are two tests, vocabulary tests and reading comprehension test with multyple choice and both tests consist of 25 questions. The testing of alternative hypothesis (H(satu)) be received the trust, it means the correlation between vocabulary mastery (variable x)  and reading comprehension (variable y) have a positive correlation, which means that 0.79 is between 0.70 to 0.090 (there is a high correlation) and the null hypothesis is rejected. The second alternative hypothesis (H2) is also accepted. Finally, we can say that is important for the teacher make the students realize that vocabulary has significant correlation in reading comprehension.

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